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ROIDS Gear App

For all serious athletes

This application provides you full control over your training and performance. Before starting your fitness training, make sure that you are ready to get the best of you. Record all your personal data, save your body, strength and blood values. Control and review regularly your body constitution.

With this tool you can check your actual performance during your training. Save your personal records and maximize them! ROIDS Gear App motivates you by watching your muscles grow day by day. Enter your biceps, chest or thigh size, training and the right supplement will take you to the next level. Share your improvements and show your friends how to get big and strong.

Take care of your body! See a doctor, let your blood values checked! Record all your personal data. Have an eye on your performance and blood values during your fitness training. With ROIDS Gear App you can review and graphically analyze your personal data!

The app’s main interface is your personal profile page which showcases the results of your training. With a single tap you can enter all your important training data. ROIDS Gear App informs you about the latest and best supplements on the fitness market.

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Perfect Bodybuilding Workout Tool

Full control of your fitness training

With ROIDS Gear App you have your training visible and under full control on your phone all the time. This app reminds you, so you will never miss your supplement right on time. Share your training knowledge or supplement cycles with friends, athletes and trainers of any sport all over the world - being 100% anonymous – guaranteed!

The perfect tool for everybody who takes it seriously.